Shipping Service

Shipping is a service provided to all registered Pasar.Cloud’s sellers, through our partnership with ABX Express Sdn Bhd.

Unless otherwise specified by a separate terms and conditions imposed to a particular group of sellers, this shipping service is optional and not mandatory to be subscribed by Pasar.Cloud’s sellers.

The following is the shipping rates at Pasar.Cloud

Weight (kg)East MalaysiaWest Malaysia
Add 1kgAdd RM1.10Add RM8.10

Terms and Conditions

  • All quoted rates are subject to 6% SST
  • Each consignment is limited to a maximum of 30kg per consignment.
  • All the packing material cost would be bearded by the seller.
  • Upon loss or damage, ABX Express total Liability in respect of such shipment shall be limited to its actual cash value but in any event shall not exceed RM200 (whichever is the lower). This liability does not cover items that are considered as “Unacceptable Shipments”.

Unacceptable Shipments

  • Illegal or prohibited items under applicable laws and regulations;
  • Dangerous goods including hazardous or toxic goods, explosives, weapons or guns;
  • Used batteries;
  • Any kinds of tobacco, e-cigarette and its related products;
  • Any alcoholic beverages;
  • Money and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as stocks and bonds;
  • Credit cards, debit cards or cash cards;
  • Personal documents issued by government authorities such as identification cards, passports, driving licenses, etc.;
  • Documents containing substantial amount of confidential information;
  • Bullions, loose precious/semi-precious metals or stones;
  • Collectible items such as antique, artwork;
  • Plants;
  • Live animals;
  • Human or animal remains, body parts or organs;
  • Fresh food or raw food;
  • Packages that emit an odor of any kind, e.g. durian;
  • Shipments without proper or adequate packaging;
  • Shipments packed with foam box;
  • Shipments that may cause delay or damage to other shipments, equipment or personnel;
  • Shipments with the sum of length, width and height more than 200 cm or heavier than 30 kg; or
  • Shipments that require us to obtain any special license or permit for transportation, importation or exportation.